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Although majorly aiming to prepare our students for the Turkish universities, Çevre High School also helps students who are considering undergraduate education abroad. Until 11th grade, our students get full command of English grammar and in this grade get ready for the TOEFL exam. After fully completing our program, at the end of 11th grade, they are able to get the points from TOEFL and IELTS exams required by the universities abroad. Çevre High School runs ISE (Involve Serve Experience) program to improve the personalities and the social skills of our students within the 4 years aiming to educate versatile, responsive and global citizens via international projects, conferences, festivals, workshops, contests and exchange programs. Besides, we are working in coordination with ‘College Coach’, which is one of the prominent overseas university consulting firms in Turkey. College Coach offers guidance and assistance during the decision-making and the admission process of overseas universities in the U.S.A, the U.K, Canada, Europe, and round the world.


Our Students in Overseas Universities


Mert Altınok: USA, Yale University - Genetics

Emre Altınok: USA, Yale University - Architecture

İnci Özgüneş: USA, Point Park University - International Business and Management

Alara Darıcı: USA, Quinnipiac University - International Business and Management

Yiğit Güngör: USA, Rutgers University - Computer Science

Ceyda Göker: UK, Brunel University - International Business and Management

Başak Ören: UK, University of Birmingham - Computer Science

Deniz Aktaş: The Netherlands, Maastricht University - International Relations

Övgü Gökcan Salcan: Italy, Universita Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore - Medicine and Surgery

Tayfun Kırışoğlu: USA, University of Miami - Industrial Engineering

Ulaşcan Ersoy: USA, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Hande Satı: USA, Suffolk College - Psychology

Oğuz İsmail Koray : Germany, Universitat Der Künste - Visual Communication

Bukle Ünaldı: USA, Minerva Schools - Social Science

Sezin Eligül: USA, University of Alabama - Microbiology

Bige Ekemen: UK, Royal Holloway - Business and Management

Weronika Uyar: Holland, Royal Academy of Art the Hague - Graphic Design

Mert Kırmızıyeşil: Italy, Universita Politecnico Di Torino - Mechanical Engineering

Elif Kırmızıyeşil: Italy, Universita Politecnico Di Torino - Architecture

Selin Çelik: Italy, Marangoni University - Fashion Styling and Creative Direction