TEOG Exam Preparations
TEOG Exam Preparations
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At Çevre Primary School, students are intensively supported academically for TEOG.

As a school that gives great importance to academic success of our students, we strongly believe that education given at school is the basis for maximum TEOG success. Therefore TEOG practices are done seriously.
We organize TEOG seminars for both our students and parents to inform them about the latest details. Furthermore when necessary we individually inform them during the academic year.
Also for grades 6th , 7th and 8th , we regularly give practice tests  to evaluate their success. Afterwards TEOG meetings are held to review the results.
Additionally, in order to support our students, teachers organize extra working hours with them.
The process and the support for TEOG system is carried on seriously and carefully  after TEOG for our students to make the right school choices according to their points and their ideals.