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Çevre College celebrated 29th October Republic Day on its 93rd anniversary with 2000 audience and the ceremony was live streamed through social media. 

The meticulously organized giant production took place at Erenköy campus , where students performed their wonderful shows.

The ceremony proceeded with a moment of silence and the national anthem right after the parade.

There were mixed feelings of excitement and unity to protect the Rebuplic, where teachers, students as well as administrators and staff performed owing to the emotions woven on stage.

29th October Special Repertoire

After the opening, the ceremony followed by a choir of students and teachers, our Spanish teacher’s song and our drama club’s performance about the outcomes of the Republic.

The ceremony highlighted the importance of unity and solidarity with the performances by the flag team, Pulse team, folk dance and modern dance.  In the finale, everyone sang along to the marches under the confetti shower.