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Çevre College at 5th Istanbul Biennial of Children and Youth Art


Our high school prep students Elif Özüm Oğuz and Özde Sükan have participated with their project themed ‘Blinders’ in the 5th biennial titled ‘Now and Here’, which is considered to be one of the most important art events in Turkey. The event takes place at the Akatlar Mustafa Kemal Centre between 19 April and 23 May.


‘Blinders Project’ Manifesto

When human being began to use technology in the history of civilization, he probably never thought it would be related to freedom. The prisons were the most horrible places for a human being because they would be isolated from both the nature and other people. We were afraid of the prisons. But then we chained and imprisoned ourselves with the computers and telephones we invented. We stopped observing the colour of the trees or the boy sitting next to us but focused on the colour of our screens. We alienated ourselves from the nature. We need to steer ourselves back to the world of colours and learn white from the snow and green from the leaf. Maybe then we will find a way to get rid of our chains and regain freedom.