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Trip to Narköy


Çevre College High School Social Sciences Department organized a trip to Narköy Farm in Kerpe, Kandıra district of İzmit in order to mingle with nature and gain experience in organic - sustainable agriculture and farming methods.

Our students started the day with a special breakfast prepared with organic products grown on the farm. After a pleasant guided forest walk among pine, oak, beech, cedar trees, our students had the chance to rest while they were having their lunch with organic products. In the afternoon, they visited the seed bank while carrying out seeding activities. In addition, our students had the opportunity to milk the cows in the stables where sustainable livestock production was in progress. They were happy to feed animals such as horses and donkeys.

At the end of the day, our students bought some samples of seedlings of various plants and left the farm having understood how important sustainable agriculture is for a sustainable world.