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Çevre College is the Center of “Collecting the Electronic Waste”


Çevre College signed a contract with the institution of TÜBİSAD ( IT Industrialists Association of Turkey) which has been given the authority by the Turkish Republic Environment and the Urban Ministry regarding collecting the electronic waste. From now on, Çevre College is the center of “collecting the electronic waste”.

All our staff, parents and students aim to raise awareness of the fact that electronic waste is not rubbish, it has to be recycle through waste disposal processes. Due to the chemicals it contains it must be executed in special recycling plants.

This project became a part of our 36-week-content curriculum with the focus on learning outcome to develop consciousness.

We placed our electronic waste recycling bins at the entrance of our kindergarden and in our computer lab. We provided delivery of the waste to the authorities of TUSIAD  by collecting the rubbish periodically in the collecting points. We created an Electronic Waste Exhibition during the Informatics Week. We also built robots from collected waste  and displayed them at the entrance of the campus. Our aim was  to raise awareness that electronic scrap is not garbage, but it needs to be collected and  recycled.