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Our 5th Graders are in the Santral İstanbul Energy Museum


We participated in the ‘Mysterious Boxes’ workshop with our 5th grade students. ‘Mysterious Boxes’ is an interactive workshop which is developed by the London Science Museum and implemented by Istanbul Bilgi University. Our students performed a different and interesting group work supported by video demonstration, various exercises, working papers and student presentations for 2 hours.

The program was held on 2-3-4-5 October and 26-27 November. Our students tried to find answers to the question “What is inside the boxes?” and they also had the chance to think, observe, develop a theory and hypothesis like a scientist and at the same time having fun.

At the end of the programme, they realized that they could be scientists in the future and they also understood the importance of scientific thinking methods. They had the chance to gain an unforgettable experience by applying their knowledge in the science course.