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We Experienced the Excitement of the Elections at Çevre College


Çevre College aims to provide students with 21st century competence and qualifications . The "Democracy Training Project" is one the activities in which students are given the opportunity for personal development. Throughout the whole school year students are active in student council. Within the council they get experience in communication, cooperation, teamwork, organization, presentation, management, leadership, planning, community service, volunteering and other social activities that will enrich their future career.

This activity is carried out within the frame of the Education for Democracy Project. It teaches the students the sense of democracy, awareness of individual rights and responsibilities, to ensure that they realize social and human values, to accept the requirements of the common law, to show sensitivity in community development, find solutions in peace, get to know different cultures and accept them with tolerance.

Çevre College Student Assembly Presidential Elections are always carried out like real elections. Students create election boards, print ballots, and cast their ballots.

As a result of this year’s elections EFE AYPICI from Class 7-B was elected as Chairman, CEYLİN ASLAN from Class 7-F was elected as Vice Chairman of the Student Assembly.