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Çevre Primary School Conflict Resolution Education Program


“Çevre Primary School Conflict Resolution Education Program” was prepared for the purpose of gaining the social skills necessary for the resolution of the disagreements among children and was applied at the 3rd grade level.

The aim of our program is to provide students with the ability to solve disagreements between dialogue and to come up with constructive ways without resorting to violence. The program includes a group of study organised in accordance with children's development and age characteristics. During the 10 week programme, topics such as emotions, empathy and anger control were enriched with different materials and methods. Fun activities, games and scenarios / stories were also used. Each session was designed to develop specific skills and solve behavioral problems. In the sessions, new life skills and objectives and strategies for transferring these skills to everyday relationships have been proposed.

Another important goal of the Çevre Primary School Conflict Resolution Education Programme is that children can better understand and recognise their inner balance and feelings. Supportive interventions will continue after the completion of the programme.

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