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Çevre Collage Germany and Holland Science Centre and Matematikum Museum Trip


This year, for the first time, an international school trip, Amsterdam – Germany Science and Math Tour was coordinated by Science and Math Departments.  This tour was specially planned by Science and Math Department Heads Vedat Kaya and Arzu Azaltun in order to visit important science centers and museums in Europe and to experience the life style in the cities where these museums are located. Math Department Head Arzu Azaltun and Science teacher Ayşegül Kasaba accompanied 16 students from 7th grade on the trip which was held between 4th and 8th of April.

We had a good flight to Amsterdam from Atatürk Airport on 4th April, and upon arrival in Amsterdam, we visited The NEMO Science Center. There we experienced the roof top exhibition ‘Energetica’ that had interactive activities about solar, wind and kinetic energy. Afterwards, we explored experiments and exhibitions that were spread over four floors. We had fun trying attractions about mechanic energy, optics, simple machines and chemical reactions, and in the math section, symmetry and tangrams. After spending two enjoyable and efficient hours in NEMO, we were glad to have the opportunity to breath in Amsterdam’s daily life. We visited Dam’s Square and while walking around, we ate the Dutch world-famous French fries. Finally, we travelled to Köln for our stay.

The next day we visited Köln Cathedral where we viewed the fantastic stained glass windows that have been dearly protected since WW2. Afterwards, while we were walking to the Lindt Chocolate Museum, we met a group of students who were protesting climate change. We took this opportunity to introduce ourselves and talked about our “Sing for the Climate” project. Our student Irmak Sungar gave a small interview to a local TV station. In the museum we learned about how chocolate is processed from cocoa, and the history of cocoa. Naturally, we tasted the delicious chocolate from a chocolate fountain. After the Chocolate Museum, we visited ‘Motorworld’ that has many exhibits including several classic cars. We also saw Formula 1 cars used by Michael Schumacher who won the World Champion Title 7 times. Then we visited Mathemetikum Museum in Geissen where we could work and play with more than 170 interactive exhibits and explore the fascinating world of mathematics. We solved giant puzzles, built DaVinci Bridge and listened to the sound of Pi. Afterwards we travelled to Frankfurt and settled into our hotel.

On the third day, we visited Experiminta Museum. Experiminta Museum consists of several rooms showing different science and math concepts. We explored experiment exhibits about waves, optics, symmetry, mirrors and electricity. After two and half hours full of science, we went to the city center for shopping and relaxation time. We walked through the streets and took photos. We climbed to the top of Frankfurt Cathedral’s tower and enjoyed the view of the city of Frankfurt.

On the fourth day, we walked around Europa Park which is the largest theme park in Germany. The park consists of 15 European themed areas, all with their own unique national architecture, foods, and flora. We rode different roller coasters and got on various attractions. It was great fun and a wonderful experience for all of us. Finally, we travelled to Switzerland via the Black Forests of Germany and stayed in Zürich.

On our final day, we explored the old city center of Zürich and luckily it was one of their local holidays, so we could enjoy seeing people wearing traditional clothes and singing songs welcoming spring. Then, we focused on our final destination - Technoroma Swiss Science Center that is settled on 6500 m2 area and consists of over 500 experiment stands and 8 laboratories about biology, mechanics, symmetry, optics and magnetism.

From Zürich Airport we had a pleasant flight back home.