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Annual 11th Grade Debate Tournament

Champions of 11th Grade Debate Tournament have been announced.


The semi-final was on 27th November, Wednesday. Teams formed of voluntary students from all 11th graders debated on the topics “Science is a Threat to Humanity” and “Internet Encourages Democracy”. The first match was won by the opposition and the latter by the government. The final was on 4th December, Wednesday on the topic “Private universities provide better education for their students.” Both the governing and the opposing teams successfully delivered their speeches and supported their ideas. The opposition team, Zeynep Melis Ekşi, Birce Sasık, Emir Bacaksız ve Bengü Altıntaş won the match and became the champions. Thanks to our 11th graders who came up with bright ideas and well-studied points while excelling in English and their friends who were courageous enough to be the jury together with their English teachers.