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A Generation From Consumption To Production

As Education and Information Technologies Department, our objective is to raise digital friendly citizens who can accompany with the requirements of the information age such as being able to use technological devices proficiently, reaching, interpreting and spreading information.

Education and Information Technology Department’s Target Student Profile;



Researches the present sources and is able to think critically


Finds solutions to problems

A designer

Provides, designs and manufactures.

 A discoverer

Imagines and designs something unprecedented


Pursues the agenda and is up-dated about developments


Manages the process successfully and overcomes the problems


Highly motivated and never loses his /her spirit


The Contents of Education and Information Technology Class of Çevre College

Digital Citizenship

Information Literacy

Computer Literacy

Social Media Literacy

Internet Ethics

Office Programmes

Algorithm and Foundations of Programming

Game Programming

Robotics Programming

Web Design and Programming

2D – 3D Graphic Design