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As class teachers, our aim is to raise children who are dedicated to the Principles and Reforms of Atatürk. Wealso aim to raise children who recognize everyone’s individual differences and who can make use of technology to attain the best quality education available to them.We educate them to have a social and environmental consciousness and the ability to solve problems effectively. We aim to raise students who are committed to the values and can establish the future based on the lessons learnt and who are discerning listeners with the courage to stand up for themselves when necessary.Our main concern is to educate students who are self-sufficient and sensitive to environment and who appreciate art and artist, in this sense, can improve themselves, and harmonize different religions and languages and can use their native language accurately and fluently. Finally it is our main responsibility to raise students who know how to live in peace in a multicultural World and who embrace Atatürk’s saying “PEACE AT HOME, PEACE IN THE WORLD”.