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82 years of longing for Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of our Republic, to whom we bowed to with respect for what we learned from him. Even if we cannot see him, we have taken over the greatest task of passing his ideas on to the future generations and implementing them to raise those generations. Another day when we swore to walk the path he opened and always showed us. November 10th...

Our greatest goal is to convey to our students what he entrusted, to introduce him in the best way, to make our students feel the same feelings for our country, to show that our gratitude has turned into a high ideal. Our greatest goal is to keep in our students, who will create the future, the consciousness of being the sons and daughters of a world leader that we will proudly remember. Today, we gathered for our ceremony prepared with great effort and spirit of all these feelings and thoughts.

Titled "We Learned From You", a ceremony was held with the images extending from Dolmabahçe Palace to Şişli Ataturk House. The voice of our music teacher Saniye Bıdici, the words and contributions of our students who understood Ataturk reached the souls and the feelings of everyone who contributed.

Dear Ataturk, sleep well. We are the guardians of the Republic!

Our ceremony