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Three Winners from Harvard-UNICEF Conference


Çevre College 10th graders participated actively in Harvard – UNICEF Club Conference between 26-28 February entitled ‘Empowering Humanity: The Call for Renewed Humanitarianism Amidst COVID-19’. The conference consisted of panels, workshops, and team building exercises that discussed how COVID-19 has impacted governance structures, frontline workers, and migration patterns worldwide. 250 high school students from all around the world learnt about humanitarian issues exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, engaged with existing pioneers and actors in these subject areas, and explored innovative solutions for children globally as we evolve and adapt to this new normal. With the CONNECT project, where BORA TAŞCAN and ONUR TIĞLI from 10A  and their group presented suggestions in order to adapt the newly arrived immigrants and refugees into the new culture; LİNA KÖKSAL from 10B and her group who suggested a WEBSITE called YEP to educate the refugees and ZEYNEP ECE KARATAŞ from 10A and her group who suggested a  WEB site to raise awareness about global problems to children from different parts of the world during the Pandemic came first in the Innovation Challenge Competition. We congratulate our students on their success.