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LyonMUN 2021


Çevre College 10th grade and 11th grade students participated in LyonMUN (Lyon International Model United Nations) conference, which took place between 20-23 May, 2021. In the online conference organised by a Lyon France-based NGO each of our 14 students represented a different country and tackled issues such as ‘New Challenges in Cyber Warfare’ and ‘Inclusion of Balkan Countries’ in North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO);  ‘Prosecuting ISIS Crimes through the Creation of an International Tribunal’ and ‘Promoting Sovereignty in the Arctic Region’ in Security Council; ‘Protecting the Rights of Refugee Women’ and ‘Refugees in the COVID-19 Pandemic’ in United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Committee; ‘Developing the Pharmaceutical Industry to Provide Healthcare Access for All’ and  ‘Mental Health in Conflict Zones’ in World Health Organisation (WHO). We would like to congratulate our students for their hard work and diligence.