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Exhibition of Poems in Memory of Çanakkale Victory


As Çevre College, we continue to protect our national and historical heritage. For this purpose, the administrators, teachers and students of Çevre College wrote poems on the precious photographs taken in front of Çanakkale Front. These images, taken with special permission from the Harbiye Military History Museum collection, consist of photographs that are not very well known. Not only did these photographs  show us the heroism of our ancestors, but also gave us a very special opportunity to convey our feelings. Our exhibition attracted everyone's attention on the ground floor of our school. While, expressing that we will never forget the sacrifices our ancestors had, we would also like to thank everyone who took part in this work.

 We would like to thank Harbiye Military Museum and Cultural Centre Command and the museum manager Colonel Ömer Faruk Arslan for their support to our event.