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We paid Attention to Water and Soil Pollution at The SEMEP Event


Our students, who have always been sensitive to global challenges, have also become individuals who actively stand against environmental issues. Especially in recent years, environmental problems such as forest fires in the Mediterranean and Aegean regions, as well as mucilage in the Marmara Sea, have had to be addressed more closely. These issues that we are experiencing as a country have increased our children's awareness even more. Our school and students, who are always sensitive to environmental issues, participated in the SEMEP event, which we attend on a regular basis, in light of the themes of "Urban Culture, Water-Soil-Air Protection, Recycling, Ecological Balance, Industry 4.0," "Ecological, Economic, and Social," and "Technological Innovation" studies. Our 6th grade students successfully represented our school at the SEMEP Poster Day event with the poster they had prepared. This year as previous years, our middle school principal, Şebnem GÖNEN was preseted The Best Observer School Prize plaque.