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Çevre High School was at The Zero Point of History


Our trip to Göbeklitepe, which was organized to increase 11th graders’ interest in the history lesson and to ensure that history lesson is learned by visiting and seeing, was carried out successfully.

Our students visited the world's second largest mosaic museum Zeugma Museum, Gaziantep Castle, Şahinbey National Struggle Museum and learned about the history and mythology of the region in Gaziantep. They had the opportunity to shop and taste local delicacies during the trip to Gümrük Han, Bakırcılar Bazaar, Elmacı Market.

In Urfa, the second stop of our trip; our students had the chance to see the sunken city of Halfeti, which was partially submerged by the Birecik Dam, and then visited Birecik's Bald-naked Birds Conservation Area and Breeding Farm.  After the excursion program including Halil-ür Rahman, Balıklı Lake, Ayn Zeliha Lake, Rızvaniye Mosque, Bedesten and Sipahi market, they participated in the “sıra night” and experienced the entertainment of the local culture.

Our students embodied what they saw by visiting the Şanlıurfa Archeology Museum, which is the largest museum in Turkey, after visiting Göbeklitepe, one of the historical and cultural heritages of our country, which is also on the World Heritage List and is home to the oldest temple in the world. They completed the last part of the tour by visiting Harran, which hosted the first university established in the world, and historical Harran houses with conical domes.

At the end of this compact and enjoyable trip, Çevre High School students became aware of the historical artifacts belonging to different periods and cultures in the country they live in and became conscious of protecting the cultural heritage.