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My path leads to you on 10 November


84 years of longing for Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of our Republic, to whom we bowed to with respect for what we learned from him.

We commemorated a great leader, politician, commander and the founder of our republic, Atatürk with dignity and respect at 09.05. Also, we commemorated the great leader with a flower ceremony. The audience was deeply moved by the slide show themed on ‘My path leads to you’ and brightened up by the polyphony music choir and the drama club.

 The students of Cevre College, from preschool to high school, turned Atatürk’s monument into a beautiful garden full of flowers. We lived those tristful moments with an indefinable longing for Atatürk, who will always be in our hearts.  As Cevre College, we promise to follow ‘Atatürk’s principles’ and we promise to protect his legacy forever and ever.