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High School Mathematics Department Success News

Recently, 8th  of the SALİH ZEKİ Mathematics Research Projects Contest have taken place and all over the Turkey 35 cities and more than 75 schools with 106 projects participated  this competition. Our project which is called INTEGER SOLUTIONS TO LINEAR EQUATIONS AND INEQUALITIES BY USING COMBINATORICS was  in the contest and  entitled to be in the final exhibition which was held between May 23rd and May 25th. Our students from class 10 C Zeynep Özgün and 10A Eylül Güner have been conducting their researches since September with the guidance of our Mathematics teacher  Gülsüm Çınar, and finally  they were ready to put their project forward. This project, which resulted from long studies, has been awarded to be in the final exhibition. It is a great success to take place in the final exhibition of such a prestigious competition while being a student in our school where both social activities and the academic program are so intense. On the other hand, working with such kind of students who really loves Mathematics and guiding them for a project was a great pleasure for the high school mathematics department.