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As the Maths Çevre, we see our main goal as helping students achieve the highest academic results they are capable of. We make the subject easy to understand and we let the students enjoy it. We take Multiple Intelligence theory into account as we plan our teaching. We aim to train students who are creative, questioning, searching, thinking critically and can apply the knowledge they learn to everyday situations. In order to achieve this, we have two Maths laboratories. All preschool and primary students have one Maths lab hour per week. They learn how to work as part of a group, as well as to use logical and visual intelligence at the same time. Both Primary and High School students are mainly taught via computer-based and computer-assisted means. Preparations to national exams are given importance and the students are taught systematically, with the options of revision sessions for all topics during study lessons and/ or weekend courses.

This year there will be a maths day including project exhibition and IQ games.We will have a katomino competition on “Pi” day, on 14th March. Our students will join the International Maths Competition called Gauss Mathematics Contest and Kangru.

As Mathematics Department in Private Çevre High School, our aim is to educate students into think critically, improve different kinds of techniques and strategies for solving problems.

Furthermore, one of the most important goals of our department is to provide strong and healthy base that can enable the students to achieve their university goals. For this aim, a planned mathematics programme is put into practice which gets its start from the preparatory class. In preparatory classes, math terms are taught and the preceding knowledge is reviewed. Thus, students become ready for high school math lessons.

Studies on YGS and LYS (University Entrance Exams) in high school gets its start in 9th grade, the training is applied in a planned and effective manner. For each level, lessons are determined and divided for YGS and LYS works and past subjects are reviewed by questions in these lessons. Besides, math can be reinforced in a better way by the help of different kinds of worksheets, homework and workbooks. Moreover, students express their knowledge and results they achieve by preparing semester projects.

Geometry is taught in both theoretical and practical ways by providing proofs, drawing techniques, using smart board and solving various questions.

Mind Games Club which was founded by the math department works closely with the curious students. This club develops their mathematical abilities (specially solving problems). In addition to that; we participate in competitions with these enthusiastic students.

We have two more activities; Math League and Math Team. Math league is a league which is organized every month. In this league students who want to participate try to answer five questions. According to right answers we determine the degrees of classes and the school. Math team is established for project competitions performed by Tübitak or other schools. In this club, students learn mathematical concepts in depth.