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As Çevre College Primary and Secondary School Mathematics Department, our aim is to increase our students' self-confidence, reasoning skills, to enable them to think and make decisions quickly, to raise students who have strong foundations in the numerical field, who can think and research. All actions listed above show the students that there is Mathematics in all spheres of our lives.

There are two laboratories belonging to the Department of Mathematics in our school. There  students find the opportunity to learn through experience and fun.

Extracurricular activities such as traditionally held Mathematics Olympics, Practical Mathematics Practices held on the Mathematics Day, Pi Day Celebrations and Katamino Competition enable our students to learn mathematics by practising it. Within the scope of the program, the children have an opportunity to use their knowledge and skills on a global level by participating in international competitions such as Gauss Contest and Kangaroo Mathematics Exams, Turkish Intelligence Foundation Championships, TÜBİTAK Mathematical Olympics, ISBO Exams and Matbeg applications.