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 Our medical team consists of one primary care physician and three nurses, who are present through the working hours.

At the beginning of each school year all students’ health information is updated.

All admissions to the nurse’s office due to an injury or other reasons like fever, vomiting or abdominal pain etc., as well as the details of the treatments are recorded. Every case is considered individually and their complaints are carefully evaluated in the light of their past medical history and previous health records. The parent is contacted and informed when necessary.


In case of an emergency during school time, with the parents’ consent, the nurse in charge takes the injured or severely sick student to the contracted hospital without delay. If the situation does not seem to require an emergency treatment, the parents are informed by our medical staff and may be advised to seek medical attention at their earliest convenience. In school accidents students are treated in the hospital contracted up to 1,000TL.

Upper respiratory tract infections such as the flu spread through fever, coughing, and sneezing and therefore are highly contagious especially during winter and spring times. Bed rest and isolation at home is the best solution in this condition. The medical staff may ask the family to collect the child from school and recommend them to see their family doctor if necessary.

If prescribed by the doctor, parents are required to fill out treatment request form to enable their child to take medicine during school hours. The medicine is then given in the infirmary under the surveillance of their teacher.

Temporary illnesses which require monitoring and medical practice during school hours are recorded by the medical staff.

On important health related days of the year posters are prepared to raise awareness. Moreover, according to the protocol of Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education, it is compulsory to organise informative seminars to sustain health.

The Ministry of Health has the Health Centre staff deal with the vaccinations in our school with the consent of the parent.

One of the school nurses attends the school trips when required.

Weight and height measurements are obtained regularly on demand of the parent. This allows monitoring of normal physical development and comparison of each individual’s parameters with normal percentiles of corresponding gender and age. Parents of the students that fall out of the normal range get informed via SMS and post.

The aim of Çevre College is to ensure that the students are able to protect their health have the knowledge of how to behave as individuals when an illness befalls them.