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Social Community Service Projects

Besides academic studies, Çevre Schools have carried out Social Community Service Projects so as to develop our students’ awareness of social responsibility, educate them as tolerant, sensitive and empathetic individuals.

Çevre Primary and High School students used to produce creative projects in order to help children, elder and disabled people in the previous years. However, projects have been produced to support university students until their graduation for last years.

The Social Responsibility Committee of high school which consists of chosen students from each level decide about the activities to be organized throughout the year and check whether the projects are successfully carried out or not under the supervision of coordinators. The contribution of all students, conducted according to the activity in each level, is given importance.

Çevre High School students organize various projects such as Relaxing Day, Art and Ceramic Exhibition, New Year’s Party, Talent Night and Sports Day.

Çevre Primary students have included their community service projects in their related curriculum and clubs. The students’ products are sold on special occasions and in spring fest.

The Social Responsibility Committee works with the Parents Teacher Association and in this way they aim their projects reach more people with the support of our parents.