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High School Social Sciences Department

High School Social Sciences Department is composed of disciplines such as history, geography, philosophy, religious culture and moral knowledge.

As the department of Social Sciences, we aim at raising individuals who research, question, produce different ideas about the past, present and future who are able to make rational decisions, interact with their social and physical environment, interpret belief and cultural differences, social and universal values ??correctly, are democratic and aware of Atatürk’s principles.

In-class and extracurricular studies are carried out to create the acquisition and skills specified in MEB curriculum. Each discipline uses technology-supported interactive course contents prepared with web tools that will meet the requirements of the 21st century within the framework of a student-centered education approach in the academic studies they plan. In this way, learning turns into an experience.

The methods of systematically reading the books and articles selected in accordance with the curriculum, writing and comparing texts, discussions, presentations, films, documentaries, photographs, maps, cartoons and various art works are also included.

In addition, an intensive exam preparation program is carried out in order to ensure that our students enter the universities they target.

Within the scope of the learning by experience model, activities are organized to enable our students to transform knowledge into skills, and a suitable environment is prepared for them to participate in national and international conferences, seminars and projects.

Research and cultural trips are organized to enable students to get to know different geographies and cultures, observe the knowledge they have learned and relate them with life.


Projects and Competitions we participate throughout the year: TÜBİTAK Research Projects, Competition Among High Schools

Competitions, Seminars and Conferences Organized by MEB or Private Institutions

Excursions and Events: Historical Peninsula Tour, Istanbul Archeology Museum Trip, Göbeklitepe Trip, Narköy Trip, AFAD Trip, Philosophy Olympics