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Çevre College Corporate Communication Unit, within the framework of the communication strategies, tries to use all communication venues including social media to web page accurately and in an ethical manner with a wide range of printed and visual materials.
The main aim of the Corporate Communications Unit is to represent the school in accordance with the school’s mission, vision and main values.
The main business areas of Corporate Communications are providing the communication inside the corporate and between corporates, direct communication with direct audience, event management and organization, media monitoring, sponsorship, and advertising, as well as preparing manuals and brochures.
In addition, this unit plays an active role in printing and designing the institution’s magazines, ‘’Çevre Highlights’’ and ‘’Green Globe,’’ and is also responsible for the Text Affairs Directorate.
It conducts and manages social media on Facebook and Twitter, one of the main communication tools of this era, in coordination with the Information Technologies Unit.