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We, as the Science Department, aim to raise students who are aware of the environment they live in and understand the new technologies surrounding them. In our lessons, we design materials to help our students improve their researching, analyzing, critical thinking and problem solving skills. We give priority to active learning, laboratory work and projects.

Science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology courses are taught according to the latest methodologies and scientific learning materials i.e. presentations, researches, surveys, discovering facts, debates, experiments, field trips, concept maps and webs. 

Teaching strategies based on multiple intelligence theory, help our students to learn visually, audibly, kinesthetically, naturally and logically. In all subject areas, students are encouraged to make projects on scientific basis and selected projects are submitted to national and international fairs and competitions. 

Every year, we become proud of our students’ project awards that create a challenging school environment among peers for the coming years. 

Well-equipped science, physics, biology and chemistry laboratories are used widely by teachers and students in experimental issues and project work.



Our main purpose as High School Science Department is to raise students who are able to observe and comment on the events around them, access accurate and up-to-date information, follow technological developments, do scientific-creative projects and have environmental awareness.



The language of instruction in Physics, Chemistry and Biology lessons in preparatory and 9th grades is "English".

Our students reinforce learning outcomes gained in accordance with the curriculum by conducting experiments every week in our physics, chemistry and biology laboratories.

Learning 9th and 10th grade science curriculum that constitutes the TYT exam is very important for our students to be ready for the university exam they will take in their final year. For this purpose, university preparation studies in science lessons begin in 9th grade.

With our university preparation studies carried out intensively in Physics, Chemistry and Biology lessons in 11th and 12th grades, our goal is to enable our students to enter the higher education institution they want.



As High School Science Department, we create a rich educational environment for our students with the projects and competitions we participate every year, the trips and activities we organize, and the social development of our students is supported.


Projects and Competitions we participate throughout the year:

TÜBİTAK Research Projects Competition Among High Schools

NASA Invention Challenge

Destination Imagination


Robotics Competitions

Science Project Competitions Organized by Public and Private Schools

STEM Based Competitions