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Psychological Counseling and Guidance Service encourages students to self-define, to express themselves in their relationships with adults and peers by using appropriate language of communication, to progress in the developmental process in an appropriate way, to empower themselves to use their problem solving skills with the right touches in the issues where they are in need, and to discover the their individual personalities.

 Our Guidance Service monitors the social-emotional, cognitive, physical development processes of our students; and empowerment studies are carried out with the necessary interventions in case of need, taking into account individual differences and needs. In academic processes, information and planning studies are carried out to ensure that students use the potentials they have correctly, gain time management and strengthen their working habits.

Çevre College Psychological Counseling and Guidance Service:

It provides assistance within the framework of PREVENTION, SUPPORT, PROCESS ORIENTATION and DEVELOPMENT GUIDANCE.

Our Main Goals are for Our Students to

  • Recognize themselves,
  • Develope a positive relationship with their circles,
  • Develop problem solving, decision making, taking responsibility and self-management skills,
  • Get informed about the characteristics of the adolescent period, gain awareness,
  • To gain motivation for the transition to a higher educational institution, to determine their targets, to use the time correctly, to master the exam tactics and to be supported according to the needs during the exam preparation process

In our Guidance Service studies, we take school-parent cooperation as a basis, considering the benefit of the student.


Our studies for the students encompass,

  1. Orientation,
  2. Peer relations,
  3. Being aware of feelings and being able to express them correctly,
  4. Effective learning and working
  5. -for 5th and 6th graders- ”i'm Growing, I'm Developing" training aimed at informing about the changes during adolescence period
  6. -for 8th graders- individual meetings that support the preparation process for the high-school entrance exam
  7. Coping with exam anxiety and stress


Effective Parent Seminars organized with the participation of expert guests in the field are planned for Our Parents, which include

  • Parent-teacher interviews,
  • Parent workshops,
  • Parent Academy,
  • Newsletters - Expert opinion


Our seminars that we have arraned so far are as follows: 

2022-2023 Dr. NEVIN DÖLEK – "Supporting Children and Adolescents After the Earthquake"

2022-2023 Dr. Neslihan Zabci - Effective Parental Attitudes

2022-2023 Prof.Dr. SELÇUK ŞIRIN - Being a Parent in the 21st century

2021-2022 Prof.Dr. YAVUZ SAMUR - Technology, My Child and I

2021-2022 Prof.Dr. Ayşe Bilge SELÇUK -Effective Parental Attitudes in the Normalization Process

2021-2022 Prof.Dr. YAVUZ SAMUR – You Have 10 Unread Messages

2020-2021 Dr. Neslihan Zabci- Being a Parent in Distance Education

2019-2020 Dr. Özgür Bolat- Being a Parent during the Corona Period

2019-2020 Dr. Özgül Bolat- How does Talent Develop?

2018-2019 Dr. Neslihan Zabci - Inclusive Parenting from Infancy to Adolescence and Its Effects on the Academic Life