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As Cevre College, it is our most important priority to create a healthy, happy and safe foundation for our students during the primary school period, which is the beginning of their educational journey.

While we aim to provide a sound academic infrastructure in accordance with the MEB curriculum with our modern and well-equipped education programmes worked out with a holistic approach from kindergarten to high school, also the individual development of our students is in the center of our original studies carried out with a supra-disciplinary approach.  Along with the basic knowledge and skill acquisitions conveyed by our versatile education and training opportunities offered to our students each of whom are unique and one and only, we act with the responsibility of accompanying a special process in which each student will discover his or her own potential by supporting him or her socially and emotionally.

While academic studies conducted by our classroom teachers during the years of basic education focus on the mother tongue competence, English education stands out as an indispensable value for our students who are raised as global citizens.

The primary school process, which is carried out together with the classroom teachers for the first three years, is strengthened with the participation of the branch teachers at the 4th grade level, where the system switches into the graded system.

Our intensive English lessons, conducted with the coordinated programs by our Turkish and international English teachers, are supported by various activities and projects throughout the year. English language acquisition is closely monitored with internationally valid placement exams, and language experience is increased with a second foreign language education beginning at the 3rd grade.

Music, visual arts, physical education, swimming and information technology lessons programmed with a rich content, are also included in the weekly course schedule.

In our school, where education and information technologies are used effectively, the courses are supported with applied activities such as presentations, experiments, researches, projects, and we attach importance to associate students' knowledge and their learning outcomes with their lives.

Within the scope of Cevre College Lifelong Learning Programme, special social responsibility themes designated for all levels at our school are handled with student-family-school collaboration, as well as activities developing  awareness and general knowledge are carried out throughout the year.

Since 1998, we are proud of the achievements of our students, who are equipped in the fields of science and culture, active in arts and sports, sensitive to society and the environment, who have been trained according to the original programmes of our school, and we strengthen our corporate steps to achieve excellence by engaging all the students, teachers, parents and graduates in this effort to make our family grow year by year.