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Cevre College provides international college counseling services including guidance on international university admissions, standardized testing and activities.  We take a global approach to admissions and work to help our students secure acceptances to selective institutions globally.  To enable this, we offer support on standardized testing, offer workshops to parents and students on options. As Cevre graduates gain acceptances to the likes of the Ivies, University of Toronto and others, universities globally are noticing our track record.

As a result of our state of the art athletic facilities, Cevre students excel in sports and have also enjoyed athletic scholarships in the US.

Our students are guided by Yesim Erez; Our High School International College Counselor during the whole process.


AP (Advanced Placement) Program  

AP program which is valid for admission to universities abroad is beginning in 2021-2022 academic year at Çevre High School, which has received the AP (Advanced Placement) Program accreditation. With the AP program, which provides significant advantages in the acceptance of the world's leading universities and scholarship applications, Çevre High School students will be included in the program that is valid in more than 60 countries outside the USA and will have the opportunity to take university-level courses in high school and take the exams of the courses they have taken.




International Admissions Results

University of Toronto (International Scholar Award and President's Scholar of Excellence

USA, University of California, Los Angeles (100% Scholarship)

Netherlands, Erasmus University Rotterdam

England, University of Warwick, History and Politics

USA, Santa Monica College, Economy

Italy, Universita Cattolica Del Sacro

Italy, Politecnico di Torino

Netherlands, Royal Academy of Art

Israel, Hebrew University-

Scotland, University of Glasgow

USA, Yale University

USA, Point Park University

USA, Quinnipiac University

USA, Rutgers University

UK, Brunel University

UK, University of Birmingham

Netherlands, Maastricht University

Italy, Universita Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore

USA, University of Miami

USA, New Jersey Institute of Technology

USA, Suffolk College

Germany, Universitat Der Künste

USA, Minerva Schools

USA, University of Alabama

UK, Royal Holloway

Italy, Universita Politecnico Di Torino

Italy, Marangoni University

USA, Georgia Instıtute of Technology

Canada, Unıversity of Waterloo

Netherlands, Vrije Unıversıteıt Amsterdam

USA, Stony Brook Unıversity

Italy, University of Bologna