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Love of Ataturk

As Çevre Nursery Schools, we, without compromising the goals set by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, move steadily forward. In accordance with the Head Teacher’s idea of national unity, our students grow endowed with virtues such as patriotism, loyalty to both their families and the Republic, in favor of peace, and contributing to humanity. Our special day and week programs are beautiful examples, during which the love of Ataturk peaks. Every task related to Ataturk is completed by our students to the best of their efforts.

Ataturk’s Love towards Children

Primary and higher education should not only provide the science and technological knowledge required by humanity and civilization, but provide it in such a practical manner that the child feels certain he will not be hungry once he finishes school.

Mustafa Kemal

The new generation will take their best lesson in Republicanism from today’s group of teachers and from the teachers trained by them.

Mustafa Kemal

Little Known Facts about Ataturk

Ataturk is the only leader in the world attributed as the “head teacher”.

He wrote a geometry book. In this book he personally named 48 geometrical terms (in Turkish), such as triangle, angle, and rectangular.

In an interview he was asked, “Are you thinking of becoming a member of the United Nations?” He replied, “We put our terms forward and wait for their acceptance. We do not apply to become a member. We will give thought to become one if we are invited.”

The year is 1938, it is General McArthur’s most difficult, most problematic and most critical period. Suddenly very bored and frustrated, he turns to the more than 120 people surrounding him and says, “At this very moment, what I would sacrifice to see Mustafa Kemal with his big talent and ability instead of seeing you.”

In the year 2000 the U.S. President declared in his millennium message, “Today there is no doubt that the statesman of the millennium is Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, because he is the only leader who managed to be not only the leader of the year but also the leader of the century.”

In the year 1938, a poem is published in a Tehran newspaper, written after Ataturk’s death: “If God wishes to help and befriend a country, he sends a person like Mustafa Kemal to lead that country.”

In Norwegian, there is a phrase, “to be as of Ataturk”.

A lot of women soldiers received military rank during the Independence War. Yet there is a single top lieutenant that went down in the history of the world. Ataturk himself appointed Lieutenant Kara Fatma as liable to a detachment of 700 men and 430 women.

Ataturk’s Flower was name by one of the professors of Wanderbit University, Dr. Kirk Landin, who had first discovered it. This flower is produced and sold all over the world by this name.

The Greek commander in chief, Trikopis, without any coercion or constraint, goes to the Turkish Embassy in Athens on each Republic Day, stands in front of a picture of Ataturk, and keeps a minute of silence.

Ataturk published a newspaper called “Mimber”, in which the word “censor” appeared for the first time. The paper published up to issue 52.

In the year 1996, the President of Haiti left a text in his will to be written on his grave stone. The text in his will said, “I died happily due to the fact that I had understood and implemented Turkey’s leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk though all my life.”

In the year 2005, Mr. John, one of America’s most famous economists, suggested that, “It would be sufficient if Turkey took Ataturk as the example in the war with the economy.”