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• Intensive English program at the prep year help our students to carry science and mathematics instruction in English.

• English is taught according to the standards of Common European Framework. At graduation from high school, students’ language acquisition is C1 or C2 acording to the students’ linguistic capabilities.

• German, French and Spanish are electively taught as a second foreign language starting from prep year till the end of year 12.

• National curriculum is supported by extra courses for preparation to the university acceptance exams

• Supportive courses and one to one tutorials are given for students who have deficiency in their learning.

• Project based and technology assisted methods, laboratory work, field trips and workshops encourage interest and variety within the learning experience.

• Classrooms are fully equipped with multi-media equipment, smart boards and computers.

• Clubs are opened according to the interests and abilities of students.

• Preparation for high education is carried out through a special program and academic council, counselors, psyschologists, mentors and assessors regularly trace outcomes.

• Guidance to a career is effectively carried out by surveys, career requirements, visits to universities, seminars and interviews with academicians and business people.

• Students who want to study abroad are guided. Acceptance procedures are followed. Information on scholorships is given.

• Students’ results in general university exams are considerably high and the school is rated among the top degree among other high schools in Istanbul.

• Activities to develop students’ cultural awareness and critical thinking are programmed regularly.

• AFS, MUN, ISTA and School Partnership Projects help our students improve their language and communicative skills, intercultural understanding and self-confidence.

• Students are motivated to take part in projects organized by national and international NGO’s that help them take action for community work.