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We, as the Science Department, aim to raise students who are aware of the environment they live in and understand the new technologies surrounding them. In our lessons, we design materials to help our students improve their researching, analyzing, critical thinking and problem solving skills. We give priority to active learning, laboratory work and projects.

Science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology courses are taught according to the latest methodologies and scientific learning materials i.e. presentations, researches, surveys, discovering facts, debates, experiments, field trips, concept maps and webs. 

Teaching strategies based on multiple intelligence theory, help our students to learn visually, audibly, kinesthetically, naturally and logically. In all subject areas, students are encouraged to make projects on scientific basis and selected projects are submitted to national and international fairs and competitions. 

Every year, we become proud of our students’ project awards that create a challenging school environment among peers for the coming years. 

Well-equipped science, physics, biology and chemistry laboratories are used widely by teachers and students in experimental issues and project work.