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The Physical Education and Sports department practices different types of sports activities in and out of school at Cevre College. The department is composed of experts and experienced teachers who have graduated from relevant departments of the education faculties and are very experienced in their branches.

During the weekly course curriculum, all classes have two hours of compulsory physical education classes. Considering the developmental characteristics of the students, they aim to develop ethical and healthy individuals. At all levels, from the kindergarten to high school, sports culture is attracting students as well as providing physical developments in accordance with their age levels.

Special emphasis is given to swimming activity at Cevre College. Physical education courses include a swimming unit as a compulsory unit because it contributes to the children's physical development. Besides, swimming is a lifeline gain in all aspects of life.


The achievements and aims of Physical Education and Sports Department are:

  • Understanding the importance of having a healthy diet and doing regular exercise.
  • Being aware of his/her body and giving importance to his/her self-care.
  • Having a good posture.
  • Gaining life-long habits.
  • Improving his/her eye-hand, fine and gross motor -muscle coordination skills.
  • Understanding the significance of national celebrations and willingness to take part in them.
  • Learning how to use the sports hall equipment and facilities properly.
  • Being able to move successfully coordinated to rhythm and music.
  • Comprehending and accepting the possibility of winning or losing in a game.
  • Understanding the importance of team work.
  • Directing our students to the sports branches which are most suitable for their physical and mental habits.


In order to follow the progress of our students and to direct them to the most suitable sports branches, we carry out various measurements and tests twice a year. Besides classes, we also hold competitions and activities to maintain their physical activity and movement skills.

During the year, socialization of the students, inspiration of the class and the team spirit and also the efficient use of break time are ensured by organizing various tournaments among classes which are appropriate for the age groups.

Sport is a social occasion. The ability of the individual to express himself plays an important role in the emergence of many individual and social behaviors such as being able to play a role in a social group, learn teamwork, and discover leadership qualities.

Considering these criteria, Çevre College also conducts club and school team work so that students with advanced sports skills can evaluate these skills. These studies are carried out in the field in the presence of professional teachers and coaches. Teams are selected from talented students in those fields and continue to work outside school hours. The club and team work practiced in our school consist of basketball, swimming, volleyball and chess branches.