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Since 1998 eagerly, with pride and along with the motto “If the aim is to achieve excellence” we have been preparing 1700 students from kindergarten to high school for the future.
In line with the principles and objectives of the founder of our republic Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the generations we take responsibility for are effective in their mother tongue and have high academic goals. They are well-informed and active and productive in scientific, cultural, sports and artistic fields. They are very skilful at foreign languages and aware of different cultures along with their own culture and values. In addition to being a world citizen who makes a difference, our main goal is to train our students as happy individuals who are hardworking, successful, skilful in different life spheres, with strong characters and values.
We regard our students, each of whom have different values and characteristics, as valuable treasure entrusted to us. Our competent staff, well-educated experts are responsible for creating the future. By equipping the students with the 21st century skills, we accompany and guide them while growing and developing in a healthy and safe environment.
Our greatest supporters are our valued parents who have never left their trust and cooperation with us. For us sharing the success and happiness of our children with the awareness of being a big family is the most honoured part of our mission.
We believe that we will always fulfil our responsibilities for the future of our students, our country and the world and we will continue to do so with great care. We sincerely thank all our parents who have been with us and all the educators who have worked for this reason.
General Manager
Şebnem Gönen