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Social sciences are composed of disciplines such as history, geography, citizenship, psychology, philosophy, human rights education, religion and moral education that provide the individual to adapt the society he lives in and to perceive that he is a part of that society. As the department of social sciences, we aim at training secular, democratic young people who follow Atatürk principles; have compehended and adopted the national and universal values and have identified themselves with these values and have taken as behaviours; use scientific methods; are respectful to human rights; who are searching; who have the ability of analytic thinking; are sensitive about their environment and society; are aware of their individual and social differences; have aimed at carrying their society to the level of contemporary civilizations. Taking these objectives and aims into consideration, we use computer and computer-assisted lesson materials, boards, maps, photographs, reference books in our lessons. During our student-centered lessons, we aim at improing our students’ ability of analytic thinking, and making them create their own values and mottos in a free learning atmosphere by using problem-solving oriented learning techniques such as drama, brain storming, cooperative learning, case studies, preparing puzzles, educational games, graph reading, photograph interpretation, metaphoric learning and projects. We organize trips, panels, seminars, conferences, and environmental projects that help our students watch and experience our national and universal values and supportour students to join national and international competions.