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ÇEVRE COLLEGE established in Erenköy İstanbul with the "If the aim is to pursue excellence..." motto, continues its education activities in kindergarden, elementary school and high school level.

Çevre College launched Ataşehir Kindergarden in 2009 and Batı Ataşehir Kindergarden in 2011 in addition to the main campus in Erenköy by combining student-oriented education understanding in order to raise more successful and equipped generations for the future with its high performance based system.

Çevre College’s mission: To provide an educational environment which will provide change and development in knowledge, skill and behaviour areas with a perfectionist understanding and raise successful and happy individuals useful for their society.

Çevre College has the vision of becoming a "perfect" school in education sector with its academic success and solutions for environmental problems. It also aims to provide appropriate environment in which students can make scientific, cultural, sportive and artistic activities in line with their interests and talents. It has all the technological equipment requirements of the era. It is proud of its staff including principals, teachers, school counsellors and specialists who are experienced, specialized in their fields, success-oriented, dynamic, creative, modern and also give highest value to Atatürk's reforms and principles.

Our students who are prepared for life in light of Atatürk's principles and reforms and will become the leaders of the future, complete their education in "Çevre College" as individuals caring about their national values and are culturally aware, self-confident and able to take social responsibilities.

Our educational institution adopting "Successful Environment, Successful Future!" motto aims to raise generations to make a great contribution in the society as a citizen of the world with the national and international success they achieved until today.

In Çevre College SEPT programme (Studying English through projects and tests)is applied in foreign language education. This programme has two objects: the first one is to bring the students’ language qualifications to the international exam standards. The second one is to implement project based organisations in order to bring the students’ level of foreign language to the international standards. The programme which is based on CEF (Common European Framework) includes not only English but also optionally French, German and Spanish languages.

Çevre College is one of the most prominent schools in İstanbul which executes many international projects. This year 115 students from our ,primary and high school will be participating in MUN, AFS, COMENIUS, ISTA,GEF, DI,SCHOOL PARTNERSHIPS and SUMMER SCHOOL projects which will take place in 10 different European countries and the USA. We aim to create an atmosphere where students can get to know different cultures and improve their foreign language skills.

 Within the   SEPT framework the students are prepared to take the international exams complimenting their levels. The academic education process initiates with the kindergarten students taking TRINITY COLLEGE exams, continues with primary students taking CAMBRDIGE ESOL and concludes with high school students taking IELTS and TOEFL IBT. In 2015, Çevre College broke the record in Turkey with its highest attendance number (485 students) to the Cambridge ESOL exams from one campus only. 

With the "Life-Long Learning Program" aiming to raise successful individuals in social area in addition to academic fields, Çevre College provides education in many areas such as first aid, manners, healthy nutrition and ballroom dancing to its students.

With the social responsibility projects in line with the theme chosen every year, teaching virtues such as sensitivity towards people in need, helpfulness and sharing and the importance of these values are aimed.

Cooperating with many national and international institutions, it provides opportunity to find solutions for environmental problems to its students. UNESCO SEMEP, ECO Schools, ASP_net, Young Reporters For The Environment, Young Master Program projects are some of these.

Best Regards

Leyla Bilgin

General Manager



A qualified education supporting academic and social development provided to the child in pre-school term will constitute a secure base for the future lives. It is a truth that a conscious, qualified and eligible education taken in the early years of life is directly proportional to the learning talent in latter ages and future success.

Çevre Kindergardens aim to raise individuals who follow rapidly progressing technological innovations, take a stand against increasing problems, know how to see perspectives from different angles in order to gain problem solving skills and sustain their existence. In this sense, to meet all the progressive needs of our children, an eclectic programme consisted of internationally authorised and ratified educational programmes like High Scope, Multiple Intelligence, Gems and Creative Games designed by experts in educational field are implemented. The most important reason our kindergartens are preferred is our strong foreign language education. Carried out by predominantly native teachers, the English education provides a concrete infrastructure to facilitate our students’ transition into Primary School. In addition, having the music and art lessons implemented by native teachers enable an atmosphere for our students to learn authentically by experience.

In addition to the rich foreign language opportunities, a chance to benefit from different social activities aiming to let them explore their interests and talents is also provided. Music, visual arts, swimming, gym, modern dance, chess, mind games, branch lessons; ballet, gymnastics, piano, club works constitute a very important part of our educational program.

No education method can be successful in an environment where feeling of trust is not provided. So environments providing emotional confidence and including high quality of living based on unconditional love are created in our kindergardens. All studies in our kindergardens are made in a warm environment full of love and understanding.



Primary aim of Çevre Elementary and Secondary Schools: While carrying the academic success of the students to the highest level, the aim is to provide an active social life with a very good level of foreign language education.

Education in Çevre Elementary and Secondary Schools is the source of identity achievement, world-perspective, life style and determination to succeed which are life-long achievements. Apart from learning, skills such as understanding thoughts, expressing opinions, prediction and ability to see differences are provided with the development of emotional quotient.

Our aim is to constantly increase the success level with "Multi Quotient Theory" supplying high thinking skills to the students. Starting from the third class in Elementary School, our aim in foreign language education is to contribute in the social development of the students by teaching about different cultures and providing linguistic diversity and richness.

Different programs and studies are made with 6, 7 and 8th grade students for success in TEOG and individual room studies are made with the students. 4,5,6,7 and 8th grade students are taken in a complementary study program in line with the learning requirements determined.

In 1,2 and 3rd grades, elective club studies in addition to compulsory chess, drama, ceramics and computer classes are also made. Starting from the 4th grade, branching in music classes in line with interest and talent is also started.

Main aim of Çevre Elementary and Secondary Schools: Raising our students as individuals creating solution to the problems they come across both in social and professional life and directing the world of the future.



Çevre High School which became successful in many areas in a short time with its experienced and success-focused education staff is in "Private Anatolian High School" status providing foreign language education. Our high school provides a 4-year education in addition to the prep class.

Çevre High School providing foreign language education in international standards prepares its students to the future as versatile and successful individuals with a strong academic foundation.

With the international projects in Çevre High School, our students are raised as citizens of the world and they represent our country and school with a great success in these projects.

Developments in scientific, cultural, sportive and artistic fields Çevre High School students are interested in are provided by student clubs working actively.

University preparation studies constitute an important part in our education programs and the deficiencies of our students are completed with both studies in class and course and etude studies after school. Development of students in scope of university preparation program is followed by "Academic Coaches, YGS-LYS Committees, YGS-LYS Counselling, Measurement and Evaluation Unit and Psychological Guidance and Counselling Service".

"Occupational Consultancy and Career Acquirement" program is provided to the students in their occupational selection phases in the future. In scope of this program, important state and foundation universities are visited and "Occupational Introduction Days" are organized in order to provide detailed information on different occupations. The aim is to make the students choose the most suitable occupation with different inventories applied.

Çevre College which is praised for its success in many areas in a short time with its management policies and strategies with a vision and sound basis, qualified education staff, distinguished student profile and active parent cooperation and managed to become one of the leading educational institutions in İstanbul will continue its success in the future.