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Our Music education is based on Multiple Intelligence Theory enabling our students to express themselves through art.

The main goal in our lessons is to inspire  the students:

  • to acquire the necessary skills to express their feelings through music
  • to be able to use their voice appropriately
  • to direct their motor-rythym movements following a musical rhythm 
  • to develop their skill of playing an instrument and singing
  • to enjoy taking part in  musical activities , shows etc.
  • to aquire the knowledge of national and international music
  • to become  sensitive and creative audiences
  • to improve themselves inthe field of music by playing a musical instrument

Our music lessons include different teaching methods in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades.


  • Choir

Our students learn to be well -organized  and  study carefully.  In addition, they improve their motor skills and get mature emotionally with the help of music education.

  • Rhythm

 Our aim is  to improve our students’ ability to move together using their rhythmic abilities through various practices of playing  different musical instruments in our  music rooms.

  • Orff

This technique of teaching music is based on teaching through games. Our aim is to teach the students how to read and write music. Additionally, this method helps the students to improve their creativity and develops improvizing skills   .

  • Solfa

Solfa is the system in which the notes of the musical scale are represented by seven short words. This lesson helps the students ,who are learning to play a musical instrument , to save time while reading and writing  notes. It also supports them in getting better  and faster at playing an instrument.

Our programme involves teaching how to play a musical instrument in the 4th grade .