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Teaching English As A Foreign Language


The objective of elementary school English program is to develop students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills gradually and ensure their comprehension of short stories which are suitable for their levels, and make them use the knowledge of language and required vocabulary while expressing themselves.

It is our ultimate goal that our students like English language.

In order to create individuals with enhanced self-confidence, we involve our students in dramatization studies in the classes, promote them for role play, make them produce projects suitable for their ages and provide the best environment for them to present the same. In addition, the students take part in several competitions and stage performances specific to any levels of the elementary school.

Moreover, our students take part in Cambridge YLE exams where they exhibit their language skills at international standards in elementary school level and show outstanding success. Our students obtain higher results than the average for Istanbul and Turkey in all exams.

With the second foreign language training included in the program from the 3rd grade, the students elect one of the languages among Spanish, German, and French and start to learn a new foreign language as well as English, and they find the opportunity to increase their intercultural awareness.