GEMS Educational Approach
GEMS Educational Approach
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GEMS Educational Approach

Studies show that early education in math and science is essential to help children acquire the necessary skills to learn basic concepts and to be ready for school. As a result, "GEMS Educational Approach" is a very important part of our curriculum. Short for “Great Exploration in Math and Science”, GEMS is translated to Turkish as “Fen ve Matematikte Büyük Gelişmeler”. The program has been developed at the Lawrence Hall of Science of the University of California, Berkeley. Due to the program's continuously improving, effective and flexible nature, activities in math and science classes are more exciting than ever.
Through fun activities of the GEMS program, children begin to develop interest in science and math, and as a result, they take their first steps toward scientific thinking. Children learn to discover knowledge, knowledge's development from concrete to abstract and its connections through experience.
The GEMS program aims at creating classrooms in which children fully understand the concepts and ideas presented, where critical thinking is being promoted and where children express themselves freely.

What are the Objectives of the GEMS project?

·To create independent learners and critical thinkers

·To ensure that children understand the basic concepts in math and science

·To show the importance of the basic skills in math and science

·To encourage positive attitude and motivation toward math and science