Literacy Program
Literacy Program
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Literacy Program


The concept of “Literate” refers to reading comprehension, interpretation and conveying the feelings and thoughts in written as well as acquiring the reading and writing skills.

Primary education provides the students with essential literacy skills for their future learning experiences.

Literacy also plays an active role to create and develop life-long learning awareness.

As Çevre College Primary School, we maintain our training program with supportive studies promoting students to enhance literacy in this significant age period in which the foundation of literacy is laid.

In this context, we have Çevre Library Program, dictation and presentation studies.



Dictation Studies


Dictation studies are the reading practices that are carried out to improve the writing, listening and pronunciation skills of the students at the elementary school level as well as their ability regarding the correct use of punctuation marks.

Used to improve fundamental writing skill, which must be gained at grade-one in the primary school, the dictation studies play a significant role as it forms the basis of an accurate and creative written expression skill.

The dictation studies are carried out in the 1st grade in parallel to teaching of phonemes. Any phonemes taught in this respect, are supported with dictation studies and the students are trained to distinguish the phonemes and for the accurate spelling of the same.

Dictation studies are once again used to inform the students about the spelling rules and use of their notebooks as the syllables are formed from the phonemes, the words are formed from the syllables and the sentences are formed from the words.

Continued in the 2nd grade, the weekly dictation studies are maintained in the form of creative reading studies. It is aimed that the students would acquire written expression techniques thanks to the writing studies maintained at all levels.


Presentation Studies


Thanks to book sharing hours and portfolio presentation studies, which are carried out in respect of literacy process, the students are assigned as active practitioners.

Revealing individual development of the students, the portfolio presentation preparations form a basis to evaluate the interest, motivation and performance of the students.

With the portfolio studies carried out throughout the year, the students are supported to develop their skills in reading and listening comprehension and express their opinions both verbally and in written.

While it is intended to get the students with conscious reading habit with book sharing hours, we also support following acquisitions such as comprehension and transfer of what is understood.


Reading - Comprehension Assessment Studies

The purpose of mother tongue education is to equip students with fundamental linguistic skills such as understanding what is heard or read and expressing that understanding verbally or in writing. To achieve this goal, four fundamental language skills, namely "listening," "speaking," "reading," and "writing," are utilized. While listening and reading are acts of "comprehension," speaking and writing are acts of "expression." The act of reading is defined as a language skill in which cognitive processes such as attention, perception, memory, comprehension, interpretation, synthesis, evaluation, and analysis simultaneously occur on written, visual, and electronic texts. Reading, which is not a spontaneously developed process, can be improved through focused efforts. This skill, essential for both educational and personal development, has numerous benefits. In line with this, at all primary school levels, our reading and comprehension studies focus on assessing whether students have acquired skills such as not skipping words and lines, following the text with the eyes rather than the finger, completing the text at the expected speed, and understanding what is read. Reading comprehension assessments are conducted, and based on the results, efforts are continued to improve students' reading and comprehension skills according to their needs.