6th Grade İğneada “3-T Environment” English Project
6th Grade İğneada “3-T Environment” English Project
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This year on the 7th-10th of October 109 6th grade student together with the English Deparment enthusiatic teachers went to explore the natural beauty of İğneada and the Longoz Forest.  The aim of the project was “3-T” because students were asked to work together in teams to examine and touch nature and then to talk and present their findings.  Students left school after lunch on that Friday and after 4 hours travelling by bus, they arrived at the hotel.  Saturday was filled with a guided tour of the Longoz Forest, games on the beach by the lake, arts and crafts (stone paintings), learning how to build a tent, free time in the swimming pool, and then a beach campfire and disco.  On Sunday, students woke up and left the hotel for a visit to Dupnisa Cave, another chance to experience nature.  After the cave, students and teachers returned happily to Istanbul.  Everyone who participated had a wonderful and unforgettable experience!