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Preschool Education is more important than anything else!

A quality education supports the students’academic and social developments during the preschool period. It also provides a strong foundation for their futures. It is true that a quality education affects learning abilities and future achievements of the students.

Çevre Schools aim to raise students who can evaluate problems by using different points of view. Having done this, students will be strong enough to face technological changes. They will acquire problem solving skills and the power to go on with their lives. That is why we use “ creative games and the multiple intelligence theory” within our school system.

In our school, students will have the chance of a rich English programme as well as social activities through our branch lessons; music, percussion,English music,computer, visual arts, swimming, P.E, chess and club activities; ballet, dance, gymnastics, piano.

When we are engaging our children in various activities, we should never forget that the most important aspect is the student himself! Nothing that is taught can be more important than the student!

Students’ happiness and enjoyment is very important. That is why in our school children feel safe in a loving environment and all the activities are carried out in a caring way.

I would be happy to meet you when you visit our school to get to know us better and be happy to have you as a part of our family.

Best regards…

School Principal