International Kangaroo Mathematics Competition
International Kangaroo Mathematics Competition
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International Kangaroo Mathematics Competition


Every year, in the third week of March, over 6 million students from all over the world attend  Kangaroo Mathematics Competitions as part of an important international mathematical organization.

The "Kangaroo Mathematics Contest" was held for the fifth time this year in Turkey. Sixty-one of our students, chosen from our elementary school and middle school participated. Twenty-one of our students got into the 5% section and achieved outstanding success. They earned the right to enter the final exam on May 4th, 2019.

The final exam was held at Yeditepe University. Erdoğan Edis Gözütok 4th graders, Ege Ender Anaklı 6th grader, and Ata Bora Ceyhan 7th grader, showed outstanding success and reached the 1% section

Additionally, our 4th grade student Erdoğan Edis Gözütok is announced as ninth of all students in Turkey in the certificate ceremony holded by Boğaziçi University.

The Department of Mathematics congratulates our students that make us feel so proud and wish for further success for all of them.