Problem Solving Skills In Children And Adolescents
Problem Solving Skills In Children And Adolescents
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Problem solving means thinking within a certain context, deciding what to do and how to do it using the available possibilities . A broader definition is the collection of information on problem solving, problem identification, probing and resolution, putting the most appropriate solution into practice and assessing the outcome.  The individual must have some skills to solve the problems. The most important of these skills are: critical thinking, planning and organizing, reviewing and evaluating.

If your child has a problem, instead of solving the problem for him or her;

  • Listen to your child in a moment of trouble and try to understand his/her needs and wishes.
  • Tell your child that you understand him/her, summarize his/her thoughts and show him/her what you do not understand. You can name your child's feelings, and you can understand the situation more clearly .
  • Express your own thoughts about the problem to your child.
  • Try to find solutions by brainstorming with your child.
  • Make a note of all the ideas you find together (even unrealistic !!!).
  • Observe your list with your child and find the most appropriate solution.

The opportunity to face  the natural consequences of the solutions chosen by the children or adolescents will contribute to their becoming self-reliant and unbreakable individuals able  to find many solutions to problems.Moreover, they will be more mature  and able to see  both the negative  and the positive results of their decisions.