Towards The Exam
Towards The Exam
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One of the most frequent opinions addressed to the students prepairing for TEOG or YGS-LYS is that the exam they’re about to take is also an exam of tactics. As the result, the students come to us, the counselling teachers, asking us to give them a magical exam  tactic formul . However, the best tactic while preparing for the exams is knowing the examination system.


Generally speaking, the biggest problem the students face is that they are not accustomed to multiple choice questions. Candidates who regularly answer the questions learn how to see the questions, how to answer them, which ways and methods to use and what to pay attention to. Being successful at test techniques is not a talent, but a skill which can be improved,The students not accustomed to test techniques, or in other words, the ones who do not answer enough questions have great difficulty in time management during the exam. The student    experienced in the test technique simply moves on to the next question. With the technique called “touring technique”  he does not waste his time for   a question he cannot answer right away. Therefore, when he finishes the test, he has time left to go back to the questions he couldn’t answer before.


Other strategies are as follows:


While solving tests at home, the student should take the original duration of the real exam into consideration.

          Before the exam, all the incorrect answers to the questions must be corrected and you must learn why. Do not forget : we do not know what type of questions we will have in the exam.
           During the exam, questions should be read a maximum two times. If you read the same question several times, your mind can become confused and you will not be able to see the logic of the problem.

Don’t panic when you cannot answer a question. Take the other questions into consideration. There are always some questions which can’t be answered by students properly.

Your first answer shouldn’t be changed unless you notice it is definitely wrong.

During the test, if you are not certain that the correct answers have been found or if some questions have been left blank, you should check back after a couple of questions.

Students generally hesitate while doing paragraph questions.  There is a misconception that “long questions are always difficult.” The longer question has more hints than the shorter one. The shorter questions are simply harder.
            The question in the digital section definitely shouldn’t be solved in your head.
Problems should be written. Answers should be seen in the question booklet respectively while checking.

 Reading the questions’ roots before looking carefully at the questions and options will make it easier to find the answer. Especially, the root of the question should be read before reading the paragraphs.


Finally, the most important strategy for examination  , is never to be enslaved by negative emotions. The examiners should wait in the hall until the last minute.
If your inner voice gets you down, it must be silenced and positive affirmations should take place instead because exam success comes   through self-confidence in principle.