Informatics Week Activities
Informatics Week Activities
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During  Informatics Week,  our students had an opportunity to present various projects using scientific data processing techniques  such as that of augmented reality demos, speed typing, computer programming, holographic imaging and also theatre performances all implemeting the STEM method.

As the Informatics Department our aim is to lead students to discovering Science, improve their thinking skills and to educate them to not only be a consuming but also a producing generation. The students successfully achieved their goal.

Students shared their work in programming, algorithm design, pattern recognition, and established a cause-effect relationship between generalization skills such as abstraction, analytical thinking and problem-solving skills, using a higher-order of thinking with their friends.

The Ministry of Education’s coding course is under discussion of being inserted into  first and  secondary school curriculums in the near future. Cevre’s Informatics activities helped to reinforce these very skills. 

It was really exciting to see Cevre College students’ games they created and designed on their own

To see the photos from the exhibition and more you can click on the attached link or use the QR code below.