Waste is not Trash!
Waste is not Trash!
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Waste is not Trash!

4th grade students were shown videos of "Çevko Child's Recycling", which deal with the economic value of the blends and the recycling of wastes in order to accomplish the scope of the science lesson.

Aiming to stimulate the interest of students on recycling, a separate event for each class was held at the 4th grade level to evaluate the eco-school project. Every week, each class prepared pictures, poems, informative articles, materials and three-dimensional objects following the topic given to them and displayed their work next to the physics laboratory.

During the event, science teachers guided our students and exhibited their work on the recycling of glass wastes by 4A, the recycling of plastic wastes by 4B, the recycling of composite wastes by 4C, the recycling of paper wastes by 4D and the recycling of metal wastes by 4E.These activities were highly efficient and productive and enriched the students’ knowledge and interest in recycling.