Wonders of the Sea - Do It Yourself Project
Wonders of the Sea - Do It Yourself Project
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Wonders of the Sea - Do It Yourself Project


As part of the curricullum of English Skills lessons, our 4th graders and 5C class learned about sea creatures, the impact of pollution on the sea and on our lives and the importance of using biodegradable products. The students, lead by the skills teachers Elizabeth Uyar, Margaret Işıklar and Tina Arkın, participated in the “ Wonders of the Sea- Do It Yourself” project. The aim of the project was to raise awareness of the important resources the sea provides us with ways to prevent pollution and protect the beauty of the sea, research about the biodiversity of sea life and create own sea creature by using recycling materials.

In order to achieve our goals, the students had to accomplish two main steps. Firstly, they had to pick randomly a sea creature and research about it. Secondly, they had to create the sea creature they had picked, using recycling materials.

Their projects were displayed in the main hallway of the school so all the students and parents could admire them. The projects were accompanied by a gallery of photographs with sea creatures that the students could relate to. Through this project, our students not only improved their English and reasearch skills, but also expanded their knowledge regarding the sea life and its importance in our lives. At the same time, they developed new ways of approaching pollution and preventing it.